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StingFM is a Caribbean Community Web Radio

dedicated to exposing the world to the different varieties of Reggae Music playing everything from old & new culture to dancehall. StingFM is the world’s leading source of reggae music, dedicated to bringing culture and dancehall vibes from out of the underground and into the forefront of today’s music industry. StingFM plays not only the hottest tunes from the hottest artists but also promotes and supports all up coming and local artists as well.

One of Stings most unique features

is our multiple music channels. We are the only web radio available today with a vast selection of musical styles that are not necessarily integrated unless chosen by you the listener. Anything you want just click and play, That is our motto. With multiple channels like Dancehall (old & new), Culture, Singers, Lovers Rock, Ska, Dub etc… You can enjoy the best of the music you like without having to hear some of what you don’t. This is why many folks just tune into Sting; read what’s new minimized and continue surfing the web without stopping the music.

Another great feature is our Instrumental/Version channel it can be the most relaxing experience to log on to Sting Fm and surf the web while listening to the wonderful sounds of reggae music being played without words for easy listening. It is a great way for the up and coming artists to test their skills and can be very helpful as they freestyle or write their songs to random instrumentals. Again it’s as easy as one, two, three. Just click and play and have a friendly session.

Last but not least, along with all the many unique features you will find in our website, we also have a sound clash section where dancehall fans can listen to all the biggest sound systems from around the world like Stone Love, Fire Links, Matterhorn, Mighty Crown and more, clash to see who is number one.

Finally, it’s easy to hear and see that StingFM is for all listeners young or mature. Whether you want to write a song, get a hype up vibe, listen to sound clashes, freestyle or just relax and do some homework to a couple of instrumentals, just click and play, because StingFM has got you covered!

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Feedback Form

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While I am a real party animal, I never really found the club that would have been a permanent staple for my fun. Luckily, after visiting this place last year for the first time ever and enjoying the vibes and the set of DJs, I’ve just found one!

Nickie O’Malley

Inspiring! Despite the fact that this city has so many night clubs, I’ve been sticking to this one for all my partying needs. It’s mainly thanks to the fact that their lineup of resident DJs and guests DJs is so damn good! I am a real party animal.

Julie Collins

Incredible! As far as I am concerned, this is the best night club this city has to offer. Music-wise or in regard to the vibe and atmosphere of this venue, it is out-of-the-park good! Also, when it comes to pricing or DJs lineup – this club wins as well!

Steven Ayokee